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THANN Sanctuary SPA Menu

THANN Sanctuary SPA Menu

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For reservation, please contact THANN Sanctuary Booking Centre:

Tel: 3717 4397 / 3717 4399
Whatsapp: 6041 6786

Facial Therapy

Purifying Facial | 60mins HK$700
Revitalizing Facial | 90mins HK$980
Nano Shiso Anti-Aging Facial | 90mins HK$980

Body Therapy

THANN Sanctuary Signature Massage | 90mins HK$1,280
SHISO Head-To-Toe Therapy | 120mins HK$1,880
THANN Aroma Massage | 60mins HK$980
THANN Aroma Massage | 90mins HK$1,280
AHealing Stone SPA | 90mins HK$1,480
Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Body Massage) | 75mins HK$1,280
Swedish Massage | 60mins HK$980 | 90mins HK$1,280

Body Scrub

Aromatic Salt Scrub | 60mins HK$780


Salt Therapy - Foot Massage | 45mins HK$600
Salt Therapy - Head & Shoulders with Foot Massage | 60mins HK$850

Other Items *

Thai Herbal Compress | 60mins HK$900
Steam Bath | 30mins HK$500 * ’Other Items’ need to be used in conjunction with any treatments

Special Treatment Packages

Essence of THANN Sanctuary | 180mins HK$2,100 (Original $2,460)

◆ Body Scrub
◆ Body Massage ▲
◆ Facial Treatment ◆

Body Bliss | 150mins HK$1,800 (Original $2,060)

◆ Body Scrub
◆ Body Massage ▲

Balancing Therapy | 120mins HK$1,500 (Original $1,680)

◆ Body Scrub
◆ Facial Treatment ◆

▲ THANN Aroma Massage or Swedish Massage
◆ Purifying Facial

Full Spa Menu:

  • ◆ Please be sure to inform the Spa Therapist of your medical conditions prior to the treatment, e.g. pregnancy, menstruation, heart disease, high blood pressure or skin allergies.
  • ◆ Please arrive 15 mins prior to the treatment for settling in, unwinding, and a quick pretreatment assessment.
  • ◆ Treatment time starts from guest entering treatment room – time for the change of clothes, shower and foot scrub is included.
  • ◆ In the case of late arrival, your treatment may be shortened to avoid any service disruption, subject to the actual operation.
  • ◆ Avoid eating one hour prior to the treatment for optimized healing results.
  • ◆ To ensure a fully relaxing, tranquil and healing environment for the treatment, please turn off your mobile phone or switch it into the silent mode.
  • ◆ A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required for any appointments.
  • ◆ No refund for any treatments.
  • ◆ Rescheduling any appointments requires minimum 48 hours advance notice, prior to the scheduled session.
  • ◆ Any sessions cancelled or rescheduled (including absence) within 48 hours prior to the scheduled time or customer no show on treatment day will be counted as used sessions, and will be deducted from the purchased package.
  • ◆ Treatments are not interchangeable among various THANN Sanctuary locations. Enjoy the purchased treatments in the designated location only, unless otherwise specified.
  • ◆ Any offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, special promotions or discounts.