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Reveal bright and fresh looking eyes with Age Inversion Eye Serum

Reveal bright and fresh looking eyes with Age Inversion Eye Serum

July 03, 2019

Signs of ageing and tiredness are clearly visible around the eyes area. The delicate skin in this area is extremely thin, which considerably 8 times thinner than skin elsewhere on the body. This delicate area contains little subcutaneous fat tissue that becomes less plump with ageing. It is especially vulnerable to unsightly age-related changes in appearance, including dark circles, wrinkles and bags or swelling under or around the eyes.

Puffiness and dark circles in this area caused by many reasons such as lack of sleep, exposure to pollution and sunlight, excessive drinking and even inherited factors, all of which can age your face notably. Proper care can keep this skin looking smooth and fresh looking by reducing the damage.

Age Inversion Eye Serum contains eight precious botanical extracts, which can reduce dark circles and puffiness and help preserve collagen integrity in this delicate area.

• Nano shiso extract contains powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

• Regenistem rice extract enhances collagen production with anti-oxidant properties giving firmer and more refined skin.

• Organic rose water restores skin suppleness and acts as anti-histamine.

• Organic shea butter moisturises, soothes and softens skin.

• Rice bran oil provides nourishment and antioxidant properties.

• Imperata cylindrica root extract helps to protect and maintain the moisture balance of the skin.

• White bird of paradise extract improves skin radiance and reduces the appearance of dark circles.

• Oat extract improves skin firmness and reduces the puffiness

Visible results, Expert-guaranteed

• Uneven skin tone and dark circle lessen by 28%

• Eye puffiness reduces by 7%

• Wrinkles and fine lines diminish by 5%

*Tested result in 22 female volunteers aged between 50-63 years of twice daily use for 28 days by Dermscan Asia Co., Ltd.

Refresh your eyes by visibly reducing the appearance of tiredness, minimize fine lines and wrinkles and add some hydration to your eyes with Age Inversion Eye Serum, available at any THANN stores and counters in Hong Kong.

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