1. What is THANN Dollar?

Earn THANN Dollar in every transaction through online shop only. Net purchase of HK$20 = $1 THANN Dollar. When your account has any THANN Dollar, you can choose to have instant cash discount on products when you check out (not applicable to delivery charge).

2. Can I pick up the items in THANN shops?


3. Do you send products to other locations than Hong Kong and Macau? I can pay extra delivery fee for that.

No, we only deliver products to Hong Kong and Macau.

4. I am THANN VIP, can I use my VIP discount on online shop?

We offer special discount on online shop from time to time and THANN VIP discount is only applicable to physical stores in Hong Kong only.

5. Can I transfer my THANN Dollar online to my THANN VIP membership?

No, the online membership and THANN VIP membership (physical store) are 2 different systems and cannot be combined.

6. Can I be both online member and THANN VIP member (physical store)?

Yes you can, but all the privileges are separated and cannot be used in conjunction.

7. What delivery company you use? Can I pick up at SF Service Centre?

We use SF Express to deliver the products, you can input the shipping address as SF Service Centre.

8. I chose EF Locker but it has been many days I still haven’t received any news about the pick-up, is it because the locker I picked had been always full?

Please contact us at onlinestore@thann.com.hk, we will provide the SF tracking number for you to contact SF Express directly.

9. I cannot find my answers in the above question, any customer service?

Please send your enquiries to onlinestore@thann.com.hk for further assistance.